Decentralization of eCommerce

The decentralization of commerce

The world of commerce is constantly evolving. Money never sleeps. The blockchain is revolutionizing the way eCommerce and trade happens around the world.

Cryptocurrencies can already be traded around the clock without interruptions. Decentralized commerce leverages this mindset to bring unique ways for people to exchange products, services, and digital goods.

Traditional eCommerce has grown tremendously in the last decades. More people shop and buy online. The only caveat to that growth is that the platforms and marketplaces which allow for these exchanges to happen have become increasingly powerful and controlling. Buyers and vendors are constantly under the control of new terms or conditions and have to constantly adapt their business to fit the models of those centralized marketplaces. The decentralization of eCommerce solves these challenges by giving the power back to merchants and consumers to trade and interact directly, free of limitations or subjective rules.

This democratization of commerce opens the door to new liberties and foster commercial and business innovations that were not possible before. It provides reassurance to vendors who invest large resources to promote their business. It allows for direct financial transactions between parties without the need for the control of funds by a third party. It allows for people to decide how they want to work together and create their own rules.

These changes have also an important impact on pricing, velocity and many other critical components of commerce in general. It’s the natural evolution of eCommerce based on the new technologies that are now available to all of us. This is the reason to be of Spacelens, and the Space universe to be able to provide these new experiences and give more control to its participants.

Another central idea of decentralized commerce is that it should simplify trade and not complexity it. It’s important for consumers and customers to have the same easy experience when they are searching for a specific product, want to sell a used good, or contact a vendor for questions. Technology is useful when it doesn’t force users to change their habits but make it simpler to do the things you want to do.

Decentralized commerce is just getting started. As the blockchain technology and Web 3.0 will continue to evolve, the capabilities of decentralized commerce and its natural cross with DeFi (decentralized finance) will open the door for these two fundamental aspects of business to come together. Businesses will need to rethink some of their operations in order to allow their customers to enjoy their products in totally new ways.

Spacelens vision is to accelerate these important shifts for trade exchanges, financing and commerce in general.

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